19237802_1367538200007953_6367843952273705086_oAM 29.06.2017 veranstaltet die ALD mit weiteren Kooperationspartnern eine Lesung mit dem US-amerikanischen Kolletiv „CrimethINC“ um 19:30 Uhr im Linken Zentrum.

Der Vortrag wird auf Englisch gehalten, alledings wird es eine sog. „Flüsterübersetzung“ geben.



„Resistance in the Trump Era.

How did Trump come to power, and what does that tell us about the times
we are living in? What strategies are effective in countering
increasingly repressive governments and the rise of grassroots nationalism?

Framing Trump’s presidency in a global context, we will explore some of
the approaches to self-organization and self-defense that anarchists and
others are employing in various parts of the United States. Immediately
upon Trump’s election, anarchists set out to disrupt business as usual
in hopes of fracturing the ruling class before the US government could
legitimize even more repressive policies. In the first weeks of Trump’s
presidency, a powerful wave of protest around the United States
temporarily accomplished this goal. Now, as the Trump administration
endeavors to realign itself with the rest of the state machinery while
grassroots fascist organizing gains momentum, resistance movements face
new dangers and new opportunities.

Eine Veranstaltung der Antifaschistische Linke Düsseldorf, Café Bunte Bilder und Raccoones Records in Kooperation mit dem AStA der HSD und der FAU Düsseldorf.“